Have you been searching for a template to make the process of getting your book up on Kindle a whole lot easier? Guess what, you’ve finally found it!

This template is the result of hundreds of hours spent converting, uploading, correcting, uploading, and has been refined time and time again. This literally is the ‘golden template’ that those of us who do conversions use. The styles are setup, the table of contents tagged, the navigation valid, the chapter headers structured correctly, the chapter breaks are automatic, and images are optimized. We’ll provide you not only the template, but more importantly, the training & tutorials to become a proficient conversion specialist. You’ll be creating top notch conversions that rival the best we’ve seen from the biggest publishers in New York.

The best part – it runs on open office – a free word processor.  We provide ample tutorials to help you get the most  out of the template. Once you purchase the template, you’ll have access to the protected content you see to the right – although the template itself does contain all the directions on how to use it effectively to get you up and running in no time.

Here’s a few examples of the formatting flexibility you will be able to apply from using our template:

Hyperlinked Table of Contents

Proper Header & Justification

Multiple options for formatting your ebook

Your ebook can be justfied or left aligned (or both)

In addition to providing the actual template file in Open Office format, we provide you with step-by-step video tutorials and you’ll have access to additional templates as they become available.

Important note – there is only 1 prerequisite to use this template: Install Libre Office (or you can use Open Office).

To date, well over 100 conversions have been successfully created using this tool set.

Our template file has been optimized through multiple iterations & actual testing on several different eReaders. It includes the ideal structure that will have your ebook(s) on par (or better) with the those released by the largest publishers. Our template requires no XML knowledge, but still allows you to have:

  • Proper Structure (Chapter Headers, title, etc.)
  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents (that also appears in the navigation bar of the Kindle)
  • Full control over Page/Chapter Breaks
  • Endnotes or Footnotes
  • Full control over image placement

The real value is the training you’ll get. The template will help you get started (as it’s already been optimized for conversion), but the training is what you’ll find invaluable. We walk step-by-step through a conversion from a raw PDF all the way to publishing it directly to Amazon.  You’ll have access to all the tutorials after you buy the template.

But wait – There’s More!… a.k.a:  ‘The Bonuses’

My goal is to make this the best investment you’ve ever made, so here’s what else I will include with your purchase:

  • A quick but effective video that reveals a secret to creating killer eBook covers for free.
  • Invitation to join AuthorSwap -  A community of authors helping authors – sharing best practices for book marketing and resources focused on helping you gain more visibility for your title.
  • An invitation to attend our next Kindle Expert Q & A Webinar where you can get all your questions answered directly by the developer of the template.
  • Replay of a 1-hour webinar ‘Optimizing your Amazon listing for higher page ranking or more visibility’

You simply pay a one-time fee, learn to use the tools, and then create as many conversions as you want – for yourself, or others. You’ll see an ROI after you’ve done just one conversion for someone else. There’s no shortage of demand; consider that of the 22 million books on Amazon, only a small fraction of those have been have been converted to Kindle! Demand for Kindle books definitely exceeds supply.

Your success is important to me…

If you do not feel this template and the training was worth every penny, simply share with me me what aspect didn’t work for you (so I can improve it for others). If I can’t resolve the issue for you personally, I’ll gladly issue you a full refund.

Brian Schwartz, Kindle Expert

NOTE: If you only have one or two books to convert and don’t want to hassle with doing it yourself, I’d recommend you use the conversion specialists at KindleExpert.com. Every single title that is converted is hand checked page by page for accuracy.


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